A.K.S. Gruppen

Quality Control


Quality monitoring must be planned before the start of production and implemented as an integral part of production, starting with:

  • Order Review
    During order review, the quality requirements are determined, the order is created in the computer system. Price and delivery time to be confirmed.
    • Planning
    Processes are planned, quality checks are scheduled and described in route-, program-, and method charts.
    • Purchasing
    The purchase order is sent to our approved supplier. All purchased goods or services are checked when recieved. The overall quality of our sub-suppliers is assessed on an ongoing basis.
    • Production
    Continuous operator checks are carried out. At specified points, coworker checks or intermediate checks are carried out by the control department. Documentation is provided for each control.
    • Surface Treatment
    A sample check is carried out before the goods are sent to an approved surface treatment provider.
    • Final Inspection
    All items are checked before delivery according to a sampling plan, or according to customer wishes, e.g., 100%. Inspection reports can be drawn up on request.
    • Shipping
    To make sure that all products are protected during transport, they are securely packaged before shipping. If standard packaging cannot be used, we develop a special packaging in collaboration with the customer.