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The purpose of pickling stainless steel is to clean the items of oils, oxidation etc. and restore the natural oxide film which prevents corrosion on the machined or heat affected areas.

A.K.S. has some of Denmark’s largest tubs for pickling. We can pickle everything from the smallest components to very large industrial plants.

Maximum workpiece sizes for deep pickling

  • 3 m. x 2 m. x 1,3 m.

  • 5,4 m. x 1,5 m. x 0,65 m.

Maximum item size for spray or brush pickling

  • 5,8 m. x 5,8 m. x 15 m.
Spray pickled chamber top

The purpose of passivating stainless-steel, is to remove/dissolve iron and other metals from the surface of the machined workpieces, ensuring a corrosion-resistant surface.

We carry out pickling and passivation on all types of stainless-steel items. Pickling is either done by deep pickling in our large tubs, or alternatively as brush or spray pickling on very large objects.

We gladly undertake urgent assignments from other subcontractors within the stainless-steel industry.