A.K.S. Gruppen


Does AKS have one of the most modern machinery fleets?

Who is AKS?

The A.K.S. GROUP has at its disposal 250 highly qualified employees, up-to-date production equipment and an effective quality management system – certified according to DS/ISO 9001:2015. The production facilities in Denmark and Poland cover an area of more than 20,000 m² with full crane capacity.

The A.K.S. GROUP is a 100% Danish-owned group of companies, founded in 1924, and today a leading supplier to the electronics, engineering, medico and process industries. The AKS Group consists of the following companies, each of which is specialized in development, planning, construction and assembly.

A.K.S. Gruppen A/S consists of:

A.K.S. Metalindustri A/S

is specializing in precision manufacturing of sheet metal parts and laser cutting. The company also develops and produces many kinds of enclosures, chassis, cabinets, front plates, and prototypes.

A.K.S. Poland z o.o.

offers development and production of various types of desks, chassis, cabinets, front plates, and prototypes for the electronics industry, the graphic design industry, as well as the medico-technical and surgical equipment markets, in addition to medicine and food manufacturers.

A.K.S. Finmekanik A/S

Specializes in the machining of precision components and high-speed aluminum machining for advanced branches of the fine mechanical industry.

A.K.S. Industries sp. z o.o.

specializes in the production of precision components, prototypes, and other assignments of precision machining for a number of both local and foreign companies.

A.K.S. Teknik A/S

A full line supplier and outsourcing partner focusing on the production of dental, pharmaceutical, electronic, and mechanical equipment. A.K.S. Teknik provides outsourcing and assembly services to the group’s many costumers.

A.K.S. Coating sp z o.o.

offers pre-treatment, as well as industrial powder coating of steel and aluminum products in a wide range of colors and structures. A.K.S. Coating is equipped with the newest technologies for production as well as validation and documentation of the processes.

A.K.S. Rustfri A/S

An engineering and production company which makes complete industrial plants, process lines and production equipment in both stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant materials.

A.K.S. Cables sp z o.o.

is a total supplier within cable assembly, mechanical assembly and print assembly etc. With strong investments in both fully and semi-automatic production equipment, a subcontracting company specializing in print, device and cable assembly has been created. We’re at the forefront of the business and can satisfy most customer needs.

A.K.S. Montronics A/S

is specialized in production and assembly of PCB’s, cables and wires such as single and multi-conducter cables, cable harness , flat cables and coax cables. Prototypes are made according to customer requirements.

We offer

If you are working on an idea for a new design that you would like to see realised, contact our engeneering department for consulting, development and construction.

A.K.S. has been ISO 9001 certified since 1992. Our quality management system ensures products complies with specifications.

Development and outsourcing – from idea to finished product. A.K.S. offers total solutions where we are responsible for all aspects during manufacturing of the product.
A collection of modern machinery provides the basis for rational production of parts and contributes to ensuring a competitive production facility.

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