A.K.S. Gruppen

Product Development

Design, construction, and product maturation is a significant factor for successful products. These objectives are therefore carried out by A.K.S., in close cooperation with our customers.

Important elements in connection with the execution of the tasks can be:

  • Design
  • Function
  • Adaptation to production
  • Quality control
  • Delivery
  • Production price

As one of Denmark’s oldest precision machining factories, the A.K.S. Group has built an expertise that enables the company to advise its customers, from the first idea presentation to the manufacture of prototypes and to rational production.

Supporting Development Departments:
Over the years, the A.K.S. Group has built up a very competent construction/PTA department, where AutoCad and Solidworks are used. This has resulted in optimized collaborations with our customers’ R&D departments, to the benefit of both parts.

Quick Instructions:
By exchanging e-mails with instructions and attaching production-ready drawings in one of our preferred file formats, e.g., IGES, STEP, SAT, DWG, DXF, STL, we achieve a fast, efficient, and flawless optimization of the product.

High-Speed Prototypes:
The A.K.S. Group is and will always be the prototype specialist, and since we have extensive experience in mechanical processing as well as a staff of skilled, energetic, and committed employees, we are able to produce prototypes at a very high-speed. Our extensive assortment of machinery and facilities enables us to manufacture everything from the smallest nozzles to 18-meter-high industrial plants in our own factory halls. This results in large time savings and the preservation of necessary know-how in relation to our customers’ products.

3D Printer:
If you need quick prototypes, functional or visualization models, we can print items up to 250 x 250 x 250 mm in one of our several 3D printers . We can print in several types of plastics with various characteristics.

Rational production:
The A.K.S. Group has one of the industry’s most versatile assortments of machines, which we constantly improve to be able to offer the latest technology with a high degree of flexibility. Our flexibility ensures our customers the completion of urgent orders in the shortest possible time.