A.K.S. Gruppen

Full-Service Solutions

Development and outsourcing – From idea to finished product.

The A.K.S. Group offers full-service solutions, where we take care of the entire manufacturing of the products.

Today’s focus on sourcing, means that an increasing number of our customers are choosing fewer suppliers. This entails great demands on the supplier’s ability as a full-service supplier.

The A.K.S. Group has gained extensive experience in managing comprehensive complex solutions. This is possible because we have one of Denmark’s most versatile product programs.

The A.K.S. Group provides integrated full-service solutions or single services within the fields of; product development, design, construction, production, assembly, and testing of customer-specified products. The competences of the A.K.S. Group includes all production phases from idea to finished delivery.

Depending on the nature of the project, we rely on the various skills, drawings, production, assembly, development, quality assurance, packaging, and logistics found in our various departments.

The A.K.S. Group’s R&D department is closely linked to the production departments. This means that we have an immediate accessibility to test our ideas, and assess our costs and price levels, from an early point during the development and construction phase.