A.K.S. Gruppen

Glass Blasting

We offer glass blasting on aluminum and stainless-steel items.

  • Glass blasting can be used for:
  • Deburring workpieces
    Obscuring heat zones after e.g., welding
  • Achieving uniformity in appearance
    Applying an exclusive surface appearance with subsequent surface treatment
    Pretreatment before painting
  • The glass beads used, unlike sand, are non-abrasive and leave a proper uniform surface.

We can glass blast everything from the smallest components to very large industrial plants in our many booths.

Maximum workpiece sizes for glass blasting

Large items are bead blown with jet blasting. We have one of Denmark’s largest glass blasting booths that can take items up to 4 x 6 x 24 meters.

We are open for urgent assignments

from anyone, including other sub-suppliers within the stainless steel and aluminum industry.